Ajax Rescue Tools is committed to offering excellent products that perform at the highest level, to help offer the rescue technician the best opportunity for a successful rescue or extrication.


Ajax Rescue Tools

 “An Extra Hand in Extrication”



Since 1946, Ajax Tool Works, Inc. has been recognized as one of America’s finest quality manufacturers of hand and power tool accessories. In discovering a need for our particular type of cutting tools, Ajax Rescue Tools became a pioneer in the field of emergency extrication tools, introducing our first air hammer rescue kit over 40 years ago. From this single kit has grown a complete line of rescue tools designed to meet the challenges in auto extrication, forcible entry, structural collapse, tunneling, confined space, trench rescue, mining collapses, and other emergency situations where speed, portability, and the dependability you need when every second counts.

MODELS: 711-RK, 811-RK, 911-RK, X11-RK

The 711, 811 and 911 series rescue kits are packed in sturdy 22 gauge steel boxes which are compact enough (20” x 8.5” x 9.5”) to be stored on virtually any type of emergency vehicle. The XII-RK “AXESS’ Rescue Kit is packed in a 22 gauge steel box and is 30” x 8.5”x 9.5”.

The air hammers supplied with these rescue kits can be operated at a higher air pressure than most now on the market. This is extremely important since it may become necessary to adjust the regulator to a higher air pressure setting to cut through tougher materials.

Along with the air hammer, we feature an AJAX KWIK CHANGE retainer. This retainer was developed originally by AJAX to replace the former unwieldy spring type retainers. This unique Retainer holds the cutting tool securely in place yet allows you to change tools immediately when lost seconds can mean lost lives. The retainer also let’s you use our exclusive non-turn type tools which can be indexed into different positions and allow one-hand operation of the hammer. The AJAX KWIK CHANGE retainer which allows the use of both turn and non-turn type tools.

Our kits feature special cutting tools which are made of the highest quality alloy steels and are designed specifically for gaining fast entry in various scenarios. Though these tools may look similar to those found in many body shops and other supply stores, only AJAX gives you the cutting edge necessary for consistently fast extrication work.

Every AJAX rescue kit comes with the AJAX #8245H air regulator which will fit both 2216 P.S.I. and 4500 P.S.I. air tanks. The 8245H regulator is adjustable from 0 to 300 P.S.I. so that the air pressure may be set for the type of material being cut. (see Suggested Air Pressure Settings.)

The standard hose in the kits is 15’ heavy-duty, double-braided hose with a bursting pressure of 1000 P.S.I. We also use Universal Kwik Change couplers, that are crimped onto the hose using a hydraulic hose style crimping process. This process “circle of safety” has been adopted by industry to increase the safety

Air Supply

In most cases, fresh air tanks are the normal source of air supply for this type of rescue tools. However, many rescue squads now carry cascade systems; some larger trucks have their own air compressors. At normal 90 P.S.I. a standard air tank will be exhausted in approximately six minutes. However, after some practice in using the hammer, you will find that a great amount of cutting can be performed in this time.

CAUTION: Never use oxygen tanks or any other forms of insert gases. Explosion may occur.

Other Uses

The uses of the AJAX Rescue Tools are limited only by your imagination.

Since it can be operated off a backpack tank, it is completely portable and can go anywhere it’s needed. It can be carried into high rise buildings, taken into underground tunnels and has even been used underwater.

We would like to stress once more that practice sessions should be performed with the hammer so that all members of the squad who may have occasion to use this kit will become completely familiar with its capabilities.

A safety “must” – Always wear protective glasses and gloves when operating the tool!

Deployment Procedure
  1. Thread 8245H regulator to air bottle, or connect air hose to cascade system or compressor when available.
  2. Connect air hose to regulator,
  3. Connect air hammer to air hose,
  4. Select chisel and install into retainer on air hammer,
  5. Open air bottle,
  6. Adjust air pressure on regulator to desired setting.
Regulator Disconnection Procedure

When changing bottles or storing this tool, always bleed the air from the regulator and hose . This is accomplished by closing the valve on the bottle first and then put the chisel up against something solid (i.e. car body or road surface.) and pull the trigger on the air hammer to bleed the air from the regulator, hose, and hammer.

Chisel Applications


  1. Cutting sheet metal i.e. roofs and body panels on automobiles, vans, trucks, buses and trailers.
  2. Cutting sheet metal i.e. buildings, overhead and factory doors.

**Suggested Air Pressure Settings: Min. 90 PSI/Max 125 PSI


  1. Cutting A,B,C, posts on automobiles, vans, and trucks.
  2. Cutting door hinges on automobiles, vans, trucks and factory doors.
  3. Cutting around nadir pin mounting brackets
  4. Cutting sheet metal on motor coaches, school buses and mobil home trailers.

**Suggested Air Pressure Settings: Min 125 PSI/Max 175PSI


  1. Chipping: concrete, cinder block and masonry brick.

**Suggested Air Pressure Settings: Min 90PSI/Max 125PSI


  1. Cutting bolts, nuts, etc.
  2. Chipping concrete, cinder block and masonry brick.

**Suggested Air Pressure Settings: MIN 90PSI/Max 150PSI


  1. Cutting metal, bolts, and nuts.
  2. Chipping concrete, cinder block and masonry brick.

**Suggested Air Pressure Settings: Min 90PSI/Max 150PSI


  1. Digging in clay, dirt, gravel, etc.

**Suggested Air Pressure Settings: Min 90PSI/Max 125PSI.