Ajax Rescue Tools is committed to offering excellent products that perform at the highest level, to help offer the rescue technician the best opportunity for a successful rescue or extrication.


Ajax Rescue Tools

 “An Extra Hand in Extrication”



"Testimonials are provided by Specialists in the field of Emergency Rescue and Extrication."



"Over the last two decades I have responded to countless motor vehicle collisions, as well as instructed and competed throughout the world on the strategy and tactics that are necessary in these situations. I firmly believe that adequately trained responders, equipped with reliable and capable tools, can mitigate even the worst motor vehicle collisions and other emergency scenes. Specifically the Ajax 911 provides myself and other responders with the required ability to supplement other extrication tools, and in certain cases provide advantages no other tools have to offer. This rescue chisel provides the needed and reliable punch to sever common vehicle components and ultimately make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve."

Les Baker



     "First off, I would like to say thanks to all the great staff and helpful people within the organization at Ajax Rescue Tools.  I have always received very fast and prompt service since doing business with them over 20 years ago.  I have tried and worked with just about every credible air chisel on the market today and can honestly say that the 911-RK Kits are the most durable, trustworthy, and heavy duty tools available for the rescue market to date.  When time is of the essence I have always been able to rely on my Ajax Rescue Tools to allow me to get the job done hands down every time!  Cheers to a great tool company!! Try them you will love them!"

Randy Schmitz
Calgary, Canada



     "Since 2000 our team, comprised of 14 professional firefighters have competed in auto extrication competitions and instructed thousands of firefighters here in North America, Mexico, El Salvador, Europe and beyond in Auto to Heavy Extrication. From our humble beginnings to where we are today Ajax Rescue Tools have been there with us every step of the way. Not only do I rely on Ajax Rescue Tools like their 911 chisel kits and their Extrication Tomahawk for teaching and competing - I rely on these tools on the street as a professional Fire & Rescue officer here in the NW as well. The fact that the Extrication Tomahawk truly is 10 tools in 1 is true to form for Ajax who continues to produce quality tools for our trade…. thank you, Ajax,

Ajax Tools are built to last, they “get the job done”.  "

Jeff Pugh

Fire Officer & President of The Puyallup Extrication Team