311-RK Confined Space Breaching Hammer Kit


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Breaching_kit_badge_no_belt_loopThe Ajax Rescue Tools Confined Space Breaching Hammer kit is designed to offer quick vertical or horizontal access through various grades of concrete and stone.  This kit includes a hard hitting compact hammer offering optimal power in a confined space.  This hammer kit includes two each of a Moil Point chisel, Flat chisel, and a 2" Wide Flat chisel.  In addition, each kit includes an 18 oz RipStop vinyl bag with shoulder strap and an accessory bag to hold chisel bits.  The Go Bag comes equipped with an internal locking mechanism that holds the hammer and bits securely.   Ajax Tools has also included a 5' whip hose with pressure feed lubricator and a quart of biodegradable air tool oil to offer the rescue technician all the tools necessary to start a breaching operation.  This compact hard hitting hammer offers the rescue technician the ability to get through the needed materials and have the ability to maneuver in a confined space rescue scenario, meaning quicker access when time counts.



Ajax No. 311-RK Kit consist of the following items:
(1) 1965 Confined Space Breaching Hammer
(1) 1037 5' Whip Hose the Pressure Feed Lubricator
(2) 802 14" O.A.L. Flat Chisel
(2) 804 14" O.A.L. Moil Point Chisel
(2) 808 14" O.A.L. 2" Wide Chisel
(1) 1079 32oz. Biodegradable Air Tool Oil
(1) 1950 Go Bag
(1) 1951 Accessory Bag
(1) 1952 Structural Collapse Luggage Tag

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All tools need to be used with care and you need to follow all safety precautions that are listed by the manufacturer and all safety procedures deemed necessary by your place of employment.  These safety procedures will include but are not limited to wearing proper safety apparel, wearing safety goggles, and using all tools in the way that they were intended to be used. Ajax Rescue Tools asks all users of our products to follow all safety precautions and to use our tools with care.





All Ajax Urban Search & Rescue Tools, Structural Collapse / Confined Space Breaching Tool kits have been designed to offer all the items necessary to start and complete a Breaching operation.   Each kit offers either a hammer or a drill with a 5’ whip hose and lubricator, a set of bits and a Go Bag that will securely hold the hammer and all accessories. Also, each hammer and drill feature a quick change chuck that allows the rescue technician the ability to quickly and easily change bits.  In addition, each tool has been specifically designed to enable one operator to use and control each tool.  This allows other technicians to be deployed to other critical operations. 

Urban Search & Rescue, Structural Collapse and Confined Space rescues have their own set of challenges and these tools are designed to meet those challenges.  Each Kit consists of tools that offer maximum power for drilling or breaking, and are still lightweight and compact in size.  Their lightweight and compact design allows the rescue technician the ability to easily transport and maneuver these tools when in a confined space.